Finnish and Swedish courses

There are many places in Espoo where you can learn Finnish or Swedish, both during the day and in the evening. Language courses are arranged by Espoo adult education centre, the Espoon Aikuislukio and various NGOs (non-governmental associations). Finnish instruction is arranged at community centers, public libraries and schools as courses, discussion groups and parent-child play groups. It is often possible for you to take your small children with you to clr childcare may be available in a room nearby.

If you are looking for work, the Espoo Employment and Economic Development Office (the TE-Office, website in Finnish only) may find a Finnish course for you.

For more information about language courses, please also see Info Bank.

To find a course

You can look for Finnish language courses open to all adults in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa using course search service. Course information is available in Finnish, English and Russian.

Adult Education center

The Adult Education Center (Espoon työväenopisto) offers Finnish and Swedish courses. These courses are open to everyone over the age of 16. We also arrange family courses where an adult can bring a child along to the class. You can practice your Finnish during these courses and get to know other Espoo residents. We also arrange courses in other subjects with English as the working language. 

Esbo Arbis adult education center also offers Swedish courses in Espoo. More information on the page Swedish courses.

Let’s Read Together (Luetaan yhdessä) - Finnish classes for women

Come join us in reading, speaking and writing Finnish. You can come even if you do not know any Finnish yet or if you already know some Finnish. Women of all ages are welcome. The teachers are Finnish women. These classes are free-of-charge and are arranged by the Let’s Read Together (Luetaan yhdessä) network/ Espoo-Kauniainen Association of University Women.

In Espoon keskus: Entresse Library (Siltakatu 11)
For more information, please contact Sirpa Aaltonen, tel. 050 327 6846.

In Leppävaara: Leppävaara Church (Veräjäkallionkatu 2)
For more information, please contact Marja Paukku,

In Espoonlahti: Espoonlahti Church (Kipparinkatu 8)
For more information: please contact Kaija Heikkilä,

In Espoonlahti: Soukka Chapple (Soukankuja 3) 
For more information: Arja Yli-Hemmo,

Trapesa's Finnish courses

Trapesa (information in Finnish) (Kirkkojärventie 1) in Espoon keskus offers Finnish courses. Please register for the courses at Trapesa tel. 010 583 7970,

Other groups

In Espoonlahti: Kivenkolo Community Center (Merisaapas 1 A)

Adult High School

Espoo Adult High School Omnia in Tapiola offers courses in Finnish as a Second Language. These courses are free-of-charge. Espoo Adult High School also offers Swedish courses at the senior secondary school level. You can study Swedish at the Adult High School even if you are not taking other senior secondary courses there.