Why you should move to Espoo?

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Espoo a great place for global citizen

Among Espoo’s 285,000 residents, there are 48,000 foreign-language speakers (2019). Espoo is a great place for global citizens. 

The happiest city in the happiest country in the world

According to the UN World Happiness Report 2018, Finland is the happiest country in the world. The report ranked 156 countries by happiness factors such as life expectancy, social support and corruption. In addition, Espoo, the fastest growing city in Finland is recognised as the happiest city in Finland (Talouteni.fi 2018). The factors that earned Espoo this honour were the average income by household, funding for cultural activities and the high number of people in tertiary education.

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An ideal place for families

Finland is a great place for families, thanks to its safety, equality and balance. Extensive social security and social services ensure basic security and quality of life for people in all situations in life.

Espoo is a family-oriented city with an excellent and affordable childcare system. The City of Espoo offers a wide range of services regarding childcareeducation, services for familieshealth and well-being.

If you have children, many kinds of benefits may be available to you in Finland, such as the maternity package, maternity allowance, parental allowance and child care allowances. The maternity package is a special gift from the government to every expectant mother – as a matter of fact, the beautiful cardboard box often doubles as a bed for the baby during their first nights at home.

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One of the best education systems

Finland’s education system is considered one of the best education systems in the world. As the higher education ranking, Finland bets on highly competent teachers and recognises the huge importance on comprehensive education, especially on music, the arts and outdoor activities.

The City of Espoo is rewarded as a pioneer and enabler of lifelong learning (UNESCO, 2015). Espoo recognises the significance of learning as a foundation of wellbeing of the city and all its residents. As Espoo is a learning city, its residents will grow to carry out ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainable development in their daily lives.

Moreover, learning opportunities in English are provided in Espoo from early to higher education. Aalto University, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences provide study programmes in English. Espoo also aims at broadening the availability of education in English in the coming years.

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The most intelligent community in the world

Following a year-long evaluation by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), Espoo won the International Intelligent Community Awards 2018. According to the ICF, Espoo merited the award because of the technologies that it employs as the cornerstones of life and work in the city. Espoo is financially, ecologically, socially and culturally the most sustainable city in Europe.

More than 680 international companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Rovio as well as international universities and organisations call Espoo as their home (2019). In Espoo, the districts of Tapiola, Keilaniemi and Otaniemi form a community of a strong international character. There are different nationalities work as international experts, students, educators and researchers.

Espoo Innovation Garden is the largest innovation hub in Northern Europe with thriving international companies, a lively start-up ecosystem and a renowned community of scientists and researchers. Espoo Innovation Garden is a network where your business will thrive.

Moreover, Espoo Innovation Garden is the home of Launchpad , a platform that develops opportunities for startups, corporations and investors. Using an Open Innovation approach, the Launchpad brings startups with a high growth potential together with multinational companies and investors.

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A green enviroment for a healthy and sporty life 

In Espoo, there are 165 islands, 58 kilometres of seashores, 95 lakes and 18,700 hectares of forest. The large park of Keskuspuisto or one of the other green oases in the middle of the city are often enough to give you a welcome break from the daily hustle and bustle.

Residents of Espoo lead very active lives – they like sports, attend culture events and hike or bike ride around the city’s great parks, seaside or lakeside paths. Get a glimpse into life in Espoo on the city’s websites dedicated to culture and sports and, leisure in Espoo.

If you would like to spend a night outdoors, there are several camping areas available. These outdoor recreation areas are equipped with cooking shelters and campfire sites. In Nuuksio, there is enough to see even on a multi-day hike. Or if you prefer the sea, scheduled archipelago boats allow you to admire the beautiful scenery for a day or longer.

Espoo - A green city for a healthy life

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