The Elvis Concert 2020

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The Elvis Concert 2020

Fri 10th April

The Elvis Concert

Even though Elvis Presley has been dead for as long as he lived, there are no signs that his popularity is slowing down. In fact, there appears to be a surge of interest in him lately. A new Hollywood movie is now in the works, featuring actors Tom Hanks and Austin Butler. And Netflix has just announced that it’s working on a new comic series featuring Elvis as a secret agent. Locally speaking, the show “The Elvis Concert" has been a success at Sellosali ever since the first show in 2014, usually selling out long in advance. It is returning on April 10, 2020.

“Elvis changed not only the world of music, he changed our lives. The way we interact, the way we dress… He was a game changer”, says Arjan Deelen, producer of the show. “We started doing our show about 10 years ago as a reaction to the many cheasy Elvis impersonators. I felt that he deserved a show that was done with class and integrity”.

Deelen contacted several of Elvis’ original musicians, who were intrigued by the concept and said ‘yes’ to being a part of the show. He also contacted Dwight Icenhower, who is widely seen as the world’s best Elvis tribute artist. “But I told him, no sparkly jumpsuits”, Deelen notes. “I wanted to get away from that stereotype. We wanted it to be the type of show that Elvis himself would do if he were alive today, with the style of clothes that he would probably be wearing now”.

The original musicians in the show are drummer Bob Lanning and backing vocalist Jim Murray of The Imperials, and 2020 is a special year for them. “It’s now 50 years ago that they worked together with Elvis, and we will be celebrating that fact”, Deelen says.

“We will be doing many of the songs that they did together with him, all the great Elvis classics that people know and love. It will be the closest that you can get to an actual Elvis concert!”.

Duration 2 h, including intermission

Tickets 38/34 € + service fee (from 1 €),

Information and location


Fri 2020-04-10 19:00 - 21:00


The Sello Hall

Soittoniekanaukio 1 A, 02600 Espoo

Price, euro


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Tickets 38/34 € + service fee (from 1 €),