Do you know what the city offers for its residents?

Do you know what kinds of services and activities you are entitled to as an Espoo resident?  Now it is time to enjoy your new home city and explore everything that Espoo can offer.

Living in Espoo checklist 


1. Use the E-services of the City of Espoo

2. Benefit from services for families and children

3. Get other social services

  • You may be entitled to Finnish social security. Please turn to the website of Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, for further information.
  • The Employment and Economic Development Office (commonly called the TE Office) is there to serve you in matters regarding employment, starting a business and training.
  • The City of Espoo offers Immigrant Services and social welfare and income support , Western Uusimaa Social and Crisis Emergency Services.
  • The Information Point of City of Espoo for Immigrants offers advice and help in all kinds of matters, such as: early childhood education, studying and working, social services and benefits, health and well-being, help in filling out forms , help in taking care of official matters in in your own language or in plain Finnish, Swedish, English and Kurdish.
  • When we get old, our health and ability to function may take a downward turn. For this reason, the City of Espoo offers services for elderly citizens. Please contact them for further information and advice.
  • Meanwhile, Disability Services are intended for people whose needs are not covered by basic municipal services because of a disability or chronic illness.
  • The Service Points of the City of Espoo will be happy to guide you towards the services and e-services you need. They can also help you take care of your Kela-related matters, for example.

4. Enjoy learning

  • It is never too late to study or learn something new. In Espoo, learning opportunities in English are provided at all stages from early to higher education. The city also aims to broaden its English-language education offerings in the future.
  • Espoo Adult Education Centre is a learning centre for open studies. Pick an interesting course or two and enjoy life-long learning and personal growth.
  • You can also pursue vocational education and university studies. Many universities offer Open Studies that are available for everyone. If you interested in being an entrepreneur, Aalto University launches free-for-all online entrepreneurship courseWhy not register for a course and gain new knowledge?
  • Explore possibilities to learn Finnish and Swedish in Espoo.
  • In addition, basic education in the arts is goal-oriented education that proceeds from level to level. In Espoo, it is primarily available for children and young people. Basic education in the arts is available in the following fields: architecture, pictorial arts, crafts, literature, music, circus, dance and theatre.

5. Let the City of Espoo help you to find employment 

6. Join trade unions and unemployment funds

There are many trade unions and voluntary unemployment funds in Finland. People commonly join them, as trade unions provide their members with qualified legal services, while unemployment funds pay earnings-related allowance to members who have recently become unemployed.

7. Join Finnish pension system 

The Finnish pension system consists of many kinds of pensions, such as the earnings-related pension, national pensions and guarantee pensions. If your earnings-related pension is small or if you receive no earnings-related pension, you can receive a national pension. These benefits include old-age pensions and disability pensions.

  • To understand the Finnish pension system, we recommend the introductions on page pension and the website of the Finnish Centre for Pensions.
  • Also check out the benefits available for pension recipients on the Kela website.
  • If you have a bank account in Finland, you can go to the eServices of the Finnish Centre for Pensions to check your pension record, claim your pension or find your pension provider.

8. Apply for Finnish citizenship

  • If you meet the requirements, you may become a Finnish citizen:
    • Your identity has been established beyond doubt.
    • You have reached the age of 18 (a dependent child under the age of 18 can apply for citizenship as co-applicant with the main applicant).
    • You meet the residential period requirement, meaning that you have lived in Finland for a sufficient length of time. This usually means at least four to seven years.
    • You meet the integrity requirement.
    • You have not neglected your payment obligations.
    • You have established your means of livelihood.
    • You have sufficient language skills in Finnish or Swedish.
  • You can fill in a printed application form or  an electronic application at (only available in Finnish and Swedish).
  • In addition, Espoo offers various cultural benefits to new citizens of Espoo. The Mayor of Espoo also hosts an annual event for new Finns living in Espoo.

Event for new Finnish citizens in Espoo

9. Get information on city planning

10. Enjoy leisure activities and sports

Outdoor activities are in the heart of every Finn. We believe that you, too, could fall in love with cycling through a Nordic landscape on a well-maintained bike route, enjoying sunny days on numerous seaside and lakeside beaches, exploring the Espoo archipelago in a kayak or a scheduled archipelago boat, or hiking and camping in one of the many forests.

  • Find out what is on the city’s menu
  • The library  is not only about reading
    • Get a library card to access books, online magazines, 3D printers, workshops and much more.
  • Outdoor recreation and exploration in Espoo
  • Sports play a significant role in Espoo residents’ lives
    • Apart from numerous Espoo-based private sport clubs, the City of Espoo offers a lot of possibilities for everyone to find a suitable and exciting activity regardless of age and physical condition.

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