Hello, new Espoo citizen!

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Hello, new Espoo citizen!  How do you take care of yourself and your family?

In Leppävaara:  Sello Library, Akseli Hall on following Thursdays at 14-16:

In Arabic and English 12.9. and 21.11.
In Dari and English 24.10. ja 12.12.

Eat and drink well
◦    What kinds of food and drinks to choose at the grocery store?
◦    What to eat and when?
◦    Taking care of your teeth at home

Get a good mood by exercising!
◦    Why and how should we exercise?
◦    Where and how can we do sports in Espoo?

What can help us to manage?
◦    Sleep, rest and relaxation
◦    Doing important and pleasant activities
◦    Family and Friends
◦    Calming your mind

Welcome to the Espoo Community!

Espoo Social and Health
Services and Sport Activities



Information and location


Thu 2019-11-21 14:00 - Thu 2019-12-12 16:00


Sello Library, Akseli Hall

Leppävaarankatu 9, 02070 Espoo


Espoo Social and Health
Services and Sport Activities

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