Education in English expands into Otaniemi in autumn 2020

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2019-11-06 15:43

The availability of English-language education in Espoo will increase next year as Espoo International School (EIS) opens its second facility, EIS Kivimies Campus, in the premises of the Kivimiehen koulu primary school. EIS will also offer an additional group for seventh-graders in its primary location, EIS Opinmäki Campus. The Finnish Education and Early Education Committee decided on the new English-language group at its meeting on 23 October 2019.

Next autumn, a group of first-graders will start receiving education in English in the premises of the Kivimiehen koulu primary school. At the moment, the only City of Espoo school providing education in English is Espoo International School at Opinmäki. With the introduction of this new group, EIS will expand its operations from Opinmäki to Otaniemi.

New group of first-graders starts in Otaniemi, teaching continues at Opinmäki

The planning of the city’s services takes account of the local residents’ needs. This includes the development of the school network. A large number of international families live and work in the Otaniemi area, making it an ideal location for English-language education.

For this reason, Espoo International School will expand its operations and offer an additional group. Next autumn, two groups of first-graders at Opinmäki and one group in Otaniemi will be taught in English. Thanks to the extra space provided by Kivimiehen koulu, it will be possible to launch an additional group for seventh-graders at Opinmäki. As the upper-grade groups taught in English have been full in recent years, an additional group is well-needed.

Espoo International School will continue operating at Opinmäki as before. The pupils and teachers at Opinmäki will stay in the same premises. The pupils who start school in Otaniemi will only study on the EIS Kivimies Campus.

Applications to English-language education to be submitted when enrolling in school

In English-language education, almost all teaching takes place in English. It is therefore intended for pupils whose native language is English or who otherwise possess sufficient language skills and are able to attend education in English. The aim is to provide pupils with language skills that enable them to pursue further studies in English after basic education.

Pupils living anywhere in Espoo can apply to English-language education. Applications to weighted-curriculum education are to be submitted in connection with the enrolment in the first or seventh grade. The enrolment and application period will be 8–20 January 2020 for first-graders and 8–16 January 2020 for seventh-graders.

When submitting a first-grader’s application, the guardians need to specify the location (Opinmäki or Otaniemi) to which they are primarily applying. It is possible to apply to both or one of the two locations. Pupils will be selected on the basis of an entrance examination.

For more information about pupil admission and different forms of education, please check page Applying to other than the local school.

The Finnish Education and Early Education Committee decided on the new English-language group at its meeting on 23 October 2019. The basic education groups on which the committee decided will be established if a sufficient number of pupils enrol.