Cancelled: BabyTango – dance performance and dance event for babies

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BabyTango_kuva The event is cancelled.

BabyTango will take babies, toddlers and their families to the world of tango. The dancer and accordionist will give a performance that communicates by means of movements, gestures, emotions and sounds. At the end, everyone can join the dancing! 

“Tango is about feeling, listening, moving together, surrendering, leading and being led. BabyTango is a moment of interaction and love.”

Loiske Ensemble: BabyTango
Choreography and dance: Riikka Siirala
Music: Mari Kätkä
Direction assistance: Antti Larmola
Costume design: Saija Siekkinen
Lighting design: Sauli Närhi
Concept: Riikka Siirala, Mari Kätkä and Antti Larmola
Photograph: Eleonoora Mikkola
Production: Loiske Ensemble and OSIRIS theatre 

Espoo Cultural Centre, Flyygeliaula 
Tickets €6 (baby & companion) + service fee (from €1), 
Duration approx. 40 min

Information and location


Tue 2020-04-28 10:00 - 10:40


Espoo Cultural Centre, Flyygeliaula

Kulttuuriaukio 2, 02100 Espoo


Espoo Cultural Centre

Price, euro


Additional information; price, ticket sales

Tickets €6 (baby & companion) + service fee (from €1),