Are you ready to move to Espoo?

We have collected useful information and links to national and city services to make your relocation or visit easier. Before you pack your suitcase and come to Finland we recommend doing some homework to make your relocation smoother.

Before moving to Espoo checklist 


1. Get familiar with the Finnish immigration processes

2. Get a residence permit

2.1. Find a job

2.2. Find a study programme

If you plan to study in Finland, Espoo offers many educational opportunities, such as universities and vocational education:

Have you have been accepted as a student at an educational institution? Find out how to apply for a residence permit for studies on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

2.3. Start a business

3. Find a home

  • Service tokens on the map
    • Purple: Daycare
    • Green: School
    • Red: Hospital or health center
    • Turquoise: Dental Clinic
    • Clicking on the color mark will display the name and address of the service.
    • Click the "Maximize map" button to enlarge the map. A large map opens in a new tab.

4. Bring your family to Finland

5. Bring personal belongings 

When you move to Espoo you may want to bring some of your belongings, vehicles or pets to your new home.

  • – The official site of Finnish Customs site provides information about bringing your belongings from abroad.
  • InfoFinland – Information about moving your personal belongings to Finland.

6. Get accquainted with Finnish language

  • The City of Espoo is the first city in Finland to introduce English as a service language in addition to the two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Finns are well known for their very good English skills.
  • Nevertheless, you will feel much more comfortable and be able to expand your networks faster, do basic shopping and get by in the city if you know some basic Finnish. Some Finnish skills will also help you to find a job in Finland.
  • Before moving to Finland, you can start to learn Finnish online – learn some basic phrases and with no doubt you will impress Finns and make introductions easier. You can also get familiar with the glossaries of Finnish word list in seven languages – English, Estonian, French, German, Russian, Somali and Swedish – to help out.  Aalto Open Learning also offers introductory Finnish for self-study. InfoFinland website also provides some important sentences in Finnish.

7. Useful links

  • The Welcome Guide is a step-by-step interactive guide to help you understand the immigration process.
  • The Finnish Immigration Service – Everything you need to know about immigration to Finland.
  • The Processing Time Checker – a service of the Finnish Immigration Service to check the expected processing time of your application.
  • – reliable information about moving to and living in Finland.  
  • Business Finland – if you are interested in setting up a business or working in Finland
  • – The official site of Finnish Customs provides information about bringing your belongings from abroad.