Come and help organise the jubilee year!

Espoo and Shanghai have been working together since 1998. The past 20 years have been full of innovative and multisectoral cooperation and exchange of ideas. 

The jubilee year involves many different events and activities that highlight Shanghai, China and Chinese culture all around Espoo. The jubilee year will be made visible to all Espoo residents throughout 2018. The best thing about the jubilee year is that everyone can attend the events and help organise them!  

Your programme may be large or small. It can be, for example, an event, exhibition, development project or campaign. It can be organised at a school as a part of a lesson or, for example, at care home for the elderly. Events do not have to be open to the public – you can limit yours to a specific group. You can also add a suitable China angle to an existing event. The most important thing is making the sister city theme visible all over Espoo. All events and activities connected to the jubilee year will be added to the jubilee year programme according to the organiser’s wishes. 

See tips for event organisers.

Apply for inclusion of your programme in the jubilee year

Criteria for jubilee year programme 

In addition to events, ceremonies or exhibitions, programme projects can be development project, decisions or campaigns, for example. 

Criteria for accepting events as jubilee year events: 

  • The programme highlights the city of Shanghai or Shanghai actors, China and Chinese culture or Espoo’s Chinese population.  

  • The programme increases cooperation and interaction between cultures. 

  • The programme may be open to the public without a specific target group or aimed at a limited audience. The organiser can decide on the style and content of the programme. The organiser may be a city unit (such as a school, health centre or care home), an organisation or association, institute of higher education, company or private person.  

  • The programme will be organised in Espoo in 2018. 

  • The programme is not contrary to good taste or discriminatory.  

  • The programme can be promoted in Espoo’s communication channels. 

  • The organiser is responsible for the programme’s arrangements, liabilities and overall costs.  

  • The Espoo and jubilee logos must be visible at events. 

  • The programme must be non-profit.

Criteria for funding  

The City of Espoo has allocated grants that can be applied for to fund events/programmes for the jubilee year. The grant can be used to cover the costs of events, such as venue rentals, materials and catering. The event funding is not available for for-profit activities.  

Applications must include the applicant’s business ID or personal ID code and bank account information. The maximum amount of a single event grant is € 1,000.  

The communications of events must feature the City of Espoo logo and the jubilee year logo. Logos are sent to approved programmes. Funding will be distributed twice a year. Deadline for the spring application is 31.5.2018. You can apply for grant money for future or past events or programs. The organiser agrees to keep receipts connected to the event for a period of three years.  

Programmes that could not be organised without the City’s funding have priority in funding allocation.