Espoo and Shanghai jubilee year

The jubilee year involves many different events and activities that highlight Shanghai, China and Chinese culture everywhere in Espoo. The jubilee year will be made visible to all Espoo residents throughout 2018. The best thing about the jubilee year is that everyone can attend the events and help organise them!

Past events and programs

Chinese Theme Room 5.-15.2.2018

Chinese Friendship Association (Kiinalainen ystävyysseura ry) organized exhibition that was full of beautiful Chinese elements and decorations. The Chinese Theme Room was placed in the library of Entresse, in Espoon keskus.

Chinese Tea Ceremony 10.2.2018 

The tea performing artist is Wang Bohan and this memorable event was part of Trapesa's Carnival at Espoo Station. For more information about the event and the carnival you can read here.

Chinese Lantern Festival 3.3.2018 

Chinese Friendship Association (Kiinalainen ystävyysseura ry) organized an event which was part of Chinese New Year celebration.