International Espoo

Espoo is an international city and home to over 150 different nationalities. For many Espoo residents, internationality is part of their everyday lives at home, school or work. More than 19% of Espoo residents speak a foreign mother tongue, and according to population projections, this number will rise to 30%, i.e. 105,000 people, by 2035.

In Espoo, internationality means attitudes, courage and understanding, internationalisation at home and international cooperation. International attitudes concern all of us. We aim to create a climate where people appreciate each other and are open-minded. Internationalisation at home brings the world to one’s everyday surroundings. This lays the groundwork for all internationalisation efforts.

The city’s international collaboration refers to activities across borders, such as international mobility , cooperation with international networks and partners, international influencing and marketing, EU-funded development activities, attracting investments and promoting the internationalisation of local enterprises. Espoo is also carrying out development projects, such as English as a Service Language, and activities based on the integration programme to develop the city in a changing world.

International Espoo 2030 – objectives of the city’s international activities

Espoo is set to become increasingly international by 2030, as the number of its international residents grows rapidly. This is why the city has specified common objectives, responsibilities and approaches for its international activities based on the city strategy, known as the Espoo Story

The aim of Espoo’s model for international activities is to promote the effectiveness of the city’s international activities so that they support the implementation of the Espoo Story. Internationality is very much present in the everyday lives of Espoo residents, companies, universities and communities, and the city’s employees are working in an increasingly international environment.

  1. The most sustainable city in Europe environmentally, economically, socially and culturally
  • Espoo aims to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2025, setting an example for others.
  • Known as a forerunner in sustainable development, Espoo attracts international partners that want to cooperate with the city in developing solutions for the future.

  1. Pioneering services and a world-class innovation environment
  • Compared to other countries, Espoo’s services are of high quality developed in a resident- and customer-oriented manner through international cooperation, networks and funding.
  • Espoo is one of the world’s most attractive innovation environments and development platforms – an excellent place for companies to become international and succeed.
  • In Espoo, everyone has the opportunity to become an international expert. The city organisation supports the development of international expertise.
  • Espoo is one of the best places for international talents to live and be happy.

  1. Espoo is an internationally renowned and attractive city
  • Espoo’s reputation attracts international talents, visitors, knowledge-intensive companies, investments and events to the city.

In addition to the objectives, Espoo’s model for international activities includes indicators to be monitored annually, a division of labour related to international activities within the city organisation, and practical tools to support international activities, such as guidelines for the reception of international visitors and the assessment of cooperation initiatives.