Images and logos

Espoo’s visual identity is based on the city’s logo and coat of arms.

The City of Espoo owns the copyright on the logo and it may not be used without permission. The city does not own the copyright on the coat of arms. When you use the logo or the coat of arms, you must follow the City of Espoo’s graphic guidelines.

The photographs of the city can be freely used in publications related to Espoo. The photographs of Mayor Jukka Mäkelä are intended for use by the media. The name of the photographer and the source (the City of Espoo) must be mentioned.

Espoo's logo

Espoos logo

The logo signals that Espoo is an innovative city, a good place to live in and good for entrepreneurship. 

Espoo's coat of arms

Espoos coat of arms

The coat of arms of the City of Espoo was designed by the artist Kaj Kajander and confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior on 10 November 1955. The official description of the coat of arms: in a blue field, a horseshoe and above it a crown, both in gold. The colours of the coat of arms are blue and gold. The shade of blue is PMS 285 (C91, M43). The gold can be replaced with yellow, PMS 123 (M30, Y94).

The coat of arms is intended as a symbol of official City activities and the organisation of elected bodies and for distinguished representational usage. The coat of arms is used in the meeting documents of elected bodies, documents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Advisory Board and flags and banners, for example. The coat of arms may also be used in school leaving certificates and in signs of city buildings that are intended for long-term use. 


You can download images and other files from the Espoo media bank. Please mention photo credits.  

Downloading files from the media bank: click on the desired file. Select “Lataa valitut" (“Download selected”) from the top menu.

If you cannot find the file you need or if you are not sure what type of emblem you need, please contact the communications unit.