We have a #PLAN – a collaborative effort to improve youth employment

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2020-10-13 10:08

Yhteinen työ Espoon kaupungissa nuorisotyöttömyyden puolittamiseksi.

We have a #PLAN – a collaborative effort to improve youth employment

In July 2020, there were 4,901 young people under 30 years of age registered as unemployed jobseekers in Espoo. Their number has increased by 85% compared to last year. Among 20–29-year-old unemployed jobseekers, 1,179 people have only completed basic education. This figure has increased by 48% from last year. In light of these statistics, traditional networking is no longer sufficient to solve today’s challenges.

Our goal is to halve youth unemployment in Espoo by the end of 2022. In concrete terms, we must help more than 2,500 young people find employment within the next two years and create services aimed at preventing unemployment.

Employment management will undergo a major change at the beginning of 2021. Espoo will launch a municipal employment trial in which all the employment matters of under 30-year-old jobseekers in Espoo will be handled by the municipality instead of the TE Office from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2023. In the municipal trial, we will experiment with new solutions aimed at improving our services for young unemployed jobseekers. In addition, we want to draw attention to the prevention of youth unemployment.

During spring and early autumn 2020, we invited professionals across sectors to redesign our networking processes for the benefit of young people. Together with them, we sought solutions for preventive employment management, rapid unemployment intervention and reintegration into working life. More than 20 professionals produced clear and concrete solutions from the bottom up. According to our analysis, 80% of the solutions are related to the transition points of a young person’s journey as a client. The conclusion was clear: we need cross-sectoral cooperation to help young people in the transition points. Our solution is based on the following idea:

“How can we work better and more effectively with young people before they become unemployed jobseekers?” 

The new ecosystem for youth employment is based on:

  • improving the effectiveness of service counselling;
  • developing young people’s skills (skills guarantee); and
  • increasing job opportunities.

In order to improve the efficiency of service counselling, we will create services around young people, especially when they transition from secondary school to upper secondary education. These services aim to help young people succeed in their studies and to prevent the interruption of studies. The services will be based on cross-sectoral cooperation.

In the area of skills development, we will focus on developing young people’s digital skills as well as skills related to job-seeking, personal finances, reading, writing, mathematics and everyday chores. The lack of skills increases the risk of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. Young people should start practising their skills during their studies in order to learn how to navigate their way through working life and to manage their everyday life and finances. This so-called skills guarantee is targeted especially at young people who need support in developing their skills and who have not completed an upper secondary degree after comprehensive school. The implementation of this solution requires a new way of combining resources, training, courses, teaching and communication.

In order to increase job opportunities, we will establish a job bank through which we will offer internships and job opportunities to secondary school pupils and upper secondary and university students. We invite the entire City of Espoo as well as organisations and clubs to participate in offering young people opportunities to try their wings in working life.

Further information

Kirsi Eskelinen, Service Manager, youth employment services
kirsi.eskelinen@espoo.fi, tel. 040 639 3351.

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