The City’s annual report delivered to all Espoo residents

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2019-03-11 16:06

The Espoo Magazine was delivered to homes on Saturday March 9th. Espoo residents received a current report on the City’s activities as a magazine supplement.

A year ago, Espoo gave up publishing a conventional annual report that only reaches a small audience. Instead, the City wants to report its activities to all tax-payers. The publication includes highlights from over the course of the year as well as financial key figures.

“The Espoo Story is created with the residents, companies and communities, so it is important to us that all Espoo residents are also informed of the results of the work,” says Communications Director Satu Tyry-Salo.
“We tried this method last year and collected feedback from residents. Based on the feedback, we continued it this year.”

The City’s year is officially described in the annual report, which the City Board approves as a part of the financial statements in March and the Council approves by the end of June.

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