Marion Ticklén to improve the involvement of citizens

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2020-09-18 14:45

The City of Espoo has created a new development manager post to strengthen the involvement of citizens and bring the measures of the development programme ‘A Participatory Espoo’ available to everyone. Marion Ticklén started as Development Manager on 1 September 2020.

“Citizens, associations and organisations can contact me by phone or email, for example, when they want the city to develop new activities or they want to be involved in the development of an existing service. There are many opportunities to promote inclusion, and more can be found when giving it some thought together,” says Ticklén.

Ticklén has previously held various management, development and expert positions in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. Most recently, Ticklén worked as an expert in the development of the Western Uusimaa Transport Services.

The tasks of the development manager include developing opportunities and inclusion tools for citizens’ involvement, training personnel in matters of inclusion and interaction, and cooperation with citizens and organisations.

“The involvement of citizens is a common objective to all Espoo citizens and personnel of the city. A lot has already been done in Espoo to develop inclusion issues. I am pleased to be able to contribute to this work. I hope that in my role I can offer support to the city’s operators and that we can also learn more together.”

Marion Ticklén osallisuuspäällikkö
Marion biking with her dogs.


Development Manager Marion Ticklén, tel. +358 40 634 2958,