Initiative to Municipal Authorities

According to the Local Government Act, the resident of a municipality has the right to propose initiatives to municipal authorities in matters concerning the municipality. Initiatives may concern, for example, the improvement of city services.

Submitting an initiative is an official, regulated procedure, and proposals are prepared and processed more carefully than unofficial feedback messages.

Return initiativer to the City of Espoo Registry Office

You can send or deliver initiatives concerning the activities of the City of Espoo and its Sections to the city of Espoo Registry Office. You may write the initiative in your own words, as long as you clearly state the issue that you wish to influence.

The Registry Office of the Central Management receives your initiative and enters it into our case management system. The Registry Office will send you the case number of the initiative as well as the Section that the initiative concerns within two working days.

The person preparing the case will inform you of the estimated processing time of the initiative and the contact person for more information no later than one month after the initiative was received. You will receive a response to your initiative after it has been fully processed.