Changes at Service Points due to advance voting

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2021-05-24 8:44

All six City of Espoo Service Points will be used as advance polling stations for the municipal elections from 26 May to 8 June 2021. During this period, the Service Points in Espoonlahti and Tapiola will only be open to voters. If you need to take care of other matters, you can contact our staff by telephone, through our chat service or via email or visit our Service Point in Espoon keskus, Kalajärvi, Leppävaara or Matinkylä.

Our Service Points will be open for voting during the hours that you can find on the .

The Service Points in Espoon keskus, Kalajärvi, Leppävaara and Matinkylä will be open to other customers during their usual opening hours.

During the advance voting period, customer computers are only available to the public at the Matinkylä Service Point, located at the Iso Omena Service Centre. At the other Service Points, the computers will be reserved for election purposes.

Bring your ID and a pen with you

Please make sure that you have your ID with you when you come to the polling station. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we also ask you to bring your own pen or pencil with you.

Only visit the polling station if you are healthy. You must not have any symptoms of a common cold or any stomach symptoms. We recommend that all our customers wear a mask or a face shield.

To avoid large crowds, we ask you not to leave advance voting to the last few days.

There are also several other polling stations in Espoo, some of which are outdoors or so-called drive-in polling stations that can be directly accessed by car. To ensure a smooth voting process and to prevent large crowds, the polling stations will be open every day of the week. The opening hours of the polling stations vary, and some hours will be reserved for voters who belong to risk groups.

Further information