Advance voting in municipal elections begins on Wednesday 26 May

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2021-05-25 9:00

The advance voting period for the 2021 municipal elections will begin in Finland on Wednesday 26 May and last for two weeks. The final day for advance voting is Tuesday 8 June. In order to avoid crowding, we ask you not leave your advance voting to the last few days.

Candidates in Espoo

There are several advance polling stations in Espoo, some of which are outdoors, so-called drive-in polling stations that can be directly accessed by car. Locations and opening hours of Espoo advance polling stations

Voters must wear a face mask or covering, use hand sanitiser and stay two metres away from others at the polling station. We also ask you to bring your own pencil or ballpoint pen.

When coming to vote, bring with you your personal identification, for example a passport, an identity card or a driving licence. Election officials may ask voters to briefly remove their face mask to verify their identity.

People entitled to vote whose ability to move or function is restricted up to the point that they cannot come to the polling station or advance polling station without unreasonable difficulty may vote in advance at home. A person wishing to vote in advance at home must inform the Central Election Committee of the matter in writing or by telephone by 4 pm on 1 June 2021. More information on voting at home or in an institution

Election day is Sunday, 13 June 2021.