In Espoo, you can vote in advance at 11 locations

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2019-05-14 14:29

In this year’s elections to the European Parliament, advance voting takes place on 15–21 May 2019. In Espoo, you can cast your vote in advance at 11 different locations. These include the City of Espoo’s Service Points, excluding Tapiola, and the libraries in Kauklahti and Viherlaakso. 

Those eligible to vote may vote in advance at any advance polling station, also outside their home municipality. However, on the actual election day on 26 May 2019, you can only vote at the polling station recorded in the voting register and indicated on the notification card that has been posted to you. 

Service Points busy, some computers out of use 

If you are planning to come to a City of Espoo Service Point to take care of matters other than voting, be prepared that Service Points may be busy on 15–21 May. 

During the advance voting period, the Espoonlahti Service Point will only serve as a polling station.   

However, no advance voting will take place at the Tapiola Service Point; instead, it serves in other matters within its normal opening hours

At the Matinkylä Service Point at the Iso Omena Service Centre, all customer computers will be in normal use during voting too. However, at the other Service Points serving as polling stations, computers will be out of use as follows: 

  • Espoon keskus 13–24 May 
  • Espoonlahti 14–23 May (library computers are in use) 
  • Kalajärvi 15–21 May (library computers are in use) 
  • Leppävaara 15–21 May (library computers are in use) 

Take your ID with you 

When coming to vote in advance, you need to bring your ID with you. This may be an ID card granted by the police, a passport, a driver’s license or a similar document bearing your photo.  

For more detailed voting instructions, visit the election website

During advance voting, it is especially important to note that all types of election advertising and campaigning at polling stations and in their vicinity is absolutely forbidden. 

Advance polling stations and times in Espoo 

All 11 advance polling stations in Espoo are listed on the official election website