A new smart locker service, Noutoboksi, is being tested at the Nihtisilta Reuse Centre

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2020-11-16 15:18

The Kera district in Espoo is being developed by experimenting with new circular economy services in the area. The Nihtisilta Reuse Centre has launched a new service called Noutoboksi, which offers consumers a new place for exchanging goods. Noutoboksi is a smart locker where you can leave an item that you have, for example, sold on an online flea market to be picked up by the buyer. Once you have left the item in the locker, the smart locker will send an opening code to the buyer. The buyer can then unlock the locker with the code and pick up the item. The Noutoboksi smart locker is located inside the Nihtisilta Reuse Centre, and it can be used free of charge during the trial.

A woman is picking up goods from a Noutoboksi smart locker

Noutoboksi is being tested for consumer-to-consumer trading. Items traded on online flea markets or in social media sales and exchange groups can be delivered to Noutoboksi for an easy pick-up by the buyer. Noutoboksi serves as a new kind of exchange point that makes it easier for the buyer and seller to coordinate their schedules in order to exchange goods.

User feedback on the Noutoboksi service will be collected through a survey, and the service will be further developed based on user experiences. Other possible uses for smart lockers will also be explored in the trial based on user experiences. “In the Kera of the future, smart lockers could enable different sharing economy services, such as sharing jointly used items in the residential area,” says Reetta Jänis, Project Manager for the 6Aika KIEPPI project.    

A woman is unlocking the smart locker by entering the opening code on the touchscreen

Noutoboksi can be used free of charge during the trial period

The Noutoboksi trial at the Nihtisilta Reuse Centre will last for six months, until the end of April 2021. We welcome you to try the new Noutoboksi service for free! You can find more information about Noutoboksi and its use on the website of the Nihtisilta Reuse Centre: https://www.kierratyskeskus.fi/tietoa_meista/ajankohtaista/noutoboksi_nihtisillassa (in Finnish)

Noutoboksi has been implemented by the City of Espoo, Kierrätyskeskus and Punta Oy, the provider of the distribution solution. The 6Aika KIEPPI project made the Noutoboksi trial possible.

Funding of the project

Further information 

Reetta Jänis, KIEPPI Project Manager, City of Espoo +358 40 5519 484, reetta.janis@espoo.fi

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