Espoo is the most dynamic city in Finland

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2019-05-08 15:06

According to a survey commissioned by the Foundation for Municipal Development (KAKS), Espoo is the most dynamic city in Finland. Besides Espoo, the top ten cities of the growth-potential analysis included seven other municipalities in Uusimaa. 

The survey focused on the development and situation of the municipalities from the perspective of regional business dynamics. The analysis was based on four factors: regional economy, pulling power, housing and change in the population and age structure. The top ten municipalities are Espoo, Sipoo, Tuusula, Lempäälä, Pirkkala, Vantaa, Helsinki, Nurmijärvi, Järvenpää and Kirkkonummi. The publication “Yritysdynamiikka kuntien elinvoimatekijänä” (Business dynamics as a municipal dynamism factor) was prepared by Timo AroSusanna Haanpää and Anna Laiho.

The municipalities in the top fifth are mostly large and medium-large urban areas and their adjacent commuter municipalities. The areas have clustered along the Helsinki–Oulu railway line or in its vicinity.

“The survey revealed that Espoo can offer companies the best growth potential in the country. Here in sustainable and innovative Espoo, we want to ensure that entrepreneurs have great preconditions for making their dreams come true and for creating future growth and jobs,” says Head of Economic Development Harri Paananen of the City of Espoo.

A view of Keilaniemi, Espoo.

Keilaniemi, Espoo.

Business Espoo reinforces the culture of working together

Espoo invests in the development of entrepreneur and business services. The objective of the recently set up Business Espoo network is to increase the dynamism of Espoo, competitive edge of companies and employment by introducing customer-oriented, high-quality and continuously evolving business services under one roof. Companies, entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship in Espoo and the neighbouring municipalities can receive support with, for example, setting up and developing a business, recruitment and networking. Training services are also on offer.

The network is formed by the City of Espoo Trade and Urban Development Unit, Espoo Marketing Oy, Federation of Espoo Enterprises, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Omnia, Uusimaa TE Office and EnterpriseEspoo. Last autumn, shared facilities were taken into use in the A Grid startup community in Otaniemi, which is located in the vicinity of the Aalto University metro station.

“Now, Business Espoo hosts a large group of actors under one roof. With their help, hopefully an increasing number of companies and entrepreneurs will have the chance to create good operating models, establish vital connections and accomplish great results,” says Managing Director Erkki Pärssinen of EnterpriseEspoo and the Federation of Espoo Enterprises.

Besides Business Espoo, another factor increasing the dynamism of Espoo is the fact that the city was named as the Intelligent Community of the Year 2018 in an international competition. The decisive factor in the success of Espoo was that the network formed by the city, companies and research institutes works together. This award improved the city’s chances in attracting competence- and information-intensive companies and jobs – not only to Espoo – but to Finland in general.

Further information from the publication KAKS: Yritysdynamiikka kuntien elivoimatekijänä (in Finnish)