Inspiring, dynamic Espoo

The promotion of internationally appealing business and experiment platforms that diversify the economic structure of Espoo is at the core of the city’s growth strategy. The growing offering of events will strengthen Espoo’s internationality, attractiveness and appeal. Espoo residents are strongly engaged in working life, and companies will find the experts they need also when the needs of the working life change. The business-friendliness of the city will be developed in collaboration with entrepreneurs. 

Program goals: we will strengthen Espoo’s vitality

  • We will diversify the economic structure and strengthen vitality
  • Espoo will be an appealing and internationally interesting event city
  • We will respond to the problem of matching demand and supply of labour
  • We will strengthen friendliness towards businesses and entrepreneurship

Target Benefits of the Development Programme Inspiring, Dynamic Espoo (pdf, 10 Kt)