Control group members of the Healthy Espoo programme


Ms. Arja Juvonen, Chair / Mr. Timo Lahtinen, Personal Vice Member
Ms. Noora Koponen, Vice-Chair / Ms. Päivi Salli, Personal Vice Member
Mr. Jussi Koskinen, Member / Mr. Tuomas Aho, Personal Vice Member
Mr. Gustav Båsk, Member / Mr. Fred Granberg, Personal Vice Member
Ms. Nina Heinikoski, Member / Ms. Mia-Lis Vilja-Elomaa, Personal Vice Member
Mr. Eemeli Korhonen, Member (Youth Council Representative) / Ms. Meija Saarinen, Personal Vice Member (Youth Council Representative)


Mr. Juha Metso, Project Owner
Ms. Merja Nordling, Member
Ms. Anne Savolainen, Member
Ms. Piia Wollsten, Member
Ms. Raija Laine, Member


Ms. Jenni Björksten, Programme Manager
Ms. Outi Huida, Communications Manager