Healthy Espoo

Health - Well-being - Happiness

We want to improve the opportunities of Espoo residents to promote their health and well-being and prevent the differentiation of areas by increasing communality and participation. During the programme, the tasks of the city that promote well-being and health and the structures crossing administrative boundaries are also reviewed in order to integrate the services of the city and the region and facilitate collaboration. The goal is to have the healthiest and happiest residents that exercise the most.

Target benefits

  • The opportunities of Espoo residents to promote health, well-being and happiness will be increased.
  • Espoo residents will have more opportunities to participate and be part of a community.
  • The promotion of well-being will continue and flourish in Espoo also after the social welfare and health care reform.

Target Benefits of the Development Programme Healthy Espoo (pdf, 8 Kt)