A participatory Espoo

The Espoo Story emphasizes participation. Therefore, Participatory Espoo was chosen as one of the cross-administrative development programmes for the Council term 2017-2021.

The vision of Espoo is: ”A networked Espoo comprising five city centres will be a pioneering responsible and humane city that is a good place to live, learn, work and do business in and where residents can have their say in matters.” The last sentence is directly linked to the development programme.

In Espoo, resident participation has been promoted over a long time, utilising new methods and tools extensively. Municipal democracy has also been continuously developed over the years. Espoo residents are happier with their city and opportunities to participate than residents in the largest cities in Finland on average. The goal is to develop even further.

Target Benefits of the Development Programme A Participatory Espoo (pdf, 19 Kt)