Vanha Lillhemtintie will be opened to vehicle traffic for a limited period

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2020-12-23 10:00

In its meeting on 9 December 2020, the Technical Services Committee has approved the plan drawn up by the City’s Head of Infrastructure Services for traffic arrangements between Henttaa and Suurpelto. 

According to the plan, Vanha Lillhemtintie will be temporarily converted to one-way vehicle traffic for a maximum period of five years. Driving is possible in one way from Henttaa towards Suurpelto. A permanent solution will be sought before the deadline. 

Four applications for correction have been submitted against the plan for Vanha Lillhemtintie, which will be processed by the Technical Services Committee on 20 January 2021. The plan cannot be implemented until it is legally valid.

Traffic safety at the Opinmäki school centre will improve on 11 January 2021, when a new bus stop will be opened at Henttaankaari near the Opinmäki school, first as an in-lane sidewalk stop. The actual stop is likely to be built next summer.

Arrangements adjacent to the Opinmäen koulu school have not been appealed and can be implemented.