The Technical Services Committee addressed transport connections between Henttaa and Suurpelto

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2020-11-26 9:50

At its meeting on 11 November 2020, the Technical Services Committee discussed the transport connections between Henttaa and Suurpelto, which have caused concern among residents. The former main connection in the area, Vanha Lillhemtintie, has been transformed into a pedestrian and bicycle route in accordance with the latest local detailed plan, and at the same time car traffic has been diverted to the new street network. Some of the residents want cars back on Vanha Lillhemtintie. When discussing the council initiative on the matter, the City Board commissioned the Technical Services Committee to investigate how car traffic could be temporarily returned to Vanha Lillhemtintie.

Residents feel that their transport connections have worsened as the former route is no longer available for car traffic. The construction of the new street network and the adjacent plots has also hindered the use of the new connection. The new connection runs close to Opinmäen koulu, which is why the City Board also called for the improvement of road safety in the vicinity of the school.

The Technical Services Committee therefore commissioned city officials to plan measures for improving road safety in the surroundings of Opinmäen koulu and to implement them as quickly as possible. The progress of the matter will be reviewed at the December meeting of the committee.

The Technical Services Committee also urged city officials to assess the possibilities of organising temporary car traffic on Vanha Lillhemtintie. The Chair of the Technical Services Committee, Simo Grönroos, says that the committee will closely monitor the progress of the preparation of the matter. Vice-Chair Aulikki Pentikäinen, on the other hand, considers that temporary car traffic arrangements, if implemented, should remain as brief as possible. This will be decided later by the Head of Infrastructure Services at the Public Works Department, who is responsible for approving traffic management plans.

The committee also suspended, among other things, the procurement process related to the construction of a park and a bicycle route planned for the Vanha Lillhemtintie area.

Further information: 

Harri Tanska, Director of the Public Works Department, tel. 050 383 3209