Price adjustments for allotment plots have been approved

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2020-11-25 16:00

Viljelypalstan satoa pyörän kyydissä, Anneli Isopuro

In its meeting on 11 November 2020, the Technical Services Committee has approved price adjustments for allotment plots. The Committee approved prices lower than those presented and, as of 1 January 2021, these are:

- Normal plot, approx. 10 m × 10 m €65

- Small plot, approx. 4 m × 5 m €50 (to be introduced, Silkkiniitty)

- Large garden box, 3 m × 3 m €40 (Jousenkaari)

- Small garden box, 1 m × 1 m €30 (to be introduced, Silkkiniitty, accessible locations)

Small plots and small garden boxes will be available at the Silkkiniitty allotment area in 2021. In the future, they may also be made available elsewhere. The purpose of the price increase is to level the costs of the plots and to create new price categories. The price change also supports the planning of the allotment areas, allowing the various categories to also guide the planning of new areas.

This year, compliance with the rules has been closely monitored. Summer water pipes and connectors as well as deep-collection bins have been replaced, trees cleared, paths and parking spaces restored and new individual areas established. More than 4,000 boundary markers have been replaced. Over 400 notices were sent and the lease of 90 allotment gardeners had to terminated. Breaches leading to notices were verified on site and corrective measures were later reviewed.

The current annual price per plot is €48. The allotment operation’s revenue for the year 2020 is approximately €49,100. At the end of the year, operational expenses, including staff costs, come to approximately €185,000. In 2021, the costs will rise to approximately €200,000 as the new Silkkiniitty allotment area becomes subject to maintenance. As a whole, the allotment operation will not cover its costs even after the price increases.

Foto: Anneli Isopuro