Social and Health Services Committee

The Social and Health Services Committee defines the emphases of the social and health care services in Espoo. It monitors the productivity of the operations and, if necessary, issues proposals for improving the services and operations.

The committee is in charge of the city’s social and health care, substance abuse work, veterinary services, environmental health care and chemical supervision.

The Social and Health Services Committee includes 13 members and deputy members. The City Council always elects the members for a four-year term. At least five of the committee members must be members or deputy members of the City Council. The chairperson must be a member of the City Council, and the deputy chairperson must be either a member or deputy member of the City Council.

A subcommittee for social and health services and a subcommittee for individual matters operate under the Social and Health Services Committee. In this way, the committee can focus on broader policies in its tasks.

Duties of the committee:

  • taking care of the social welfare, health care and substance abuse services of the city
  • taking care of social and health care tasks, financial and debt counselling services and social crediting services related to the integration of immigrants
    taking care of regional environmental health care in cooperation with the municipality of Kirkkonummi and the City of Kauniainen
  • guiding and supervising operations in their own domain in accordance with the decisions of the City Council and Board
  • monitoring of the realisation of results and the budget, and promoting the productivity and efficacy of operations
  • deciding upon operating principles regarding the organisation and implementation of services in such a way that they further the well-being of municipal residents
  • preparing a proposal for the financial plan, and approving the operating plan and annual report
  • ensuring cooperation with other committees, authorities and corporations in terms of the organisation and development of services
  • as regards operations in its domain, ensuring the opportunities of the residents and service users to be involved in and affect social issues, and monitoring the customer-orientation of the operations
  • approving the needs clarifications of premises projects, with regard to its own domain
  • ensuring the organisation of the supervision of private social and health care services
  • deciding upon procurement principles regarding the organisation and implementation of services, in accordance with the Espoo strategy
  • as regards its own domain, preparing a presentation to the City Board concerning the specification of the payments based on acts or decrees, within the limitations of the law and the general principles determined by the City Council
  • issuing city statements on behalf of the City Board in matters encompassed by the committee’s domain, unless otherwise required by the statement request or the nature of the matter at hand
  • deciding upon the principles for the usage and rental agreements of premises, areas, buildings, equipment and similar assets, and for the provision of these assets for external use
  • within its own domain, deciding upon fees and payments other than those based on acts and decrees, on the basis of general principles specified by the City Council

Members of the Social and Health Services Committee on the Finnish website