A local centre to accompany the metro in the Kaitaa-Iivisniemi area

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2018-03-12 13:42

The Espoo City Planning Committee will propose to the City Board that the component master plan for the Kaitaa-Iivisniemi be approved at the meeting on 14 March. At the final stage, the component master plan needs be approved by the City Council.

Residential buildings and services in the immediate vicinity of the metro station

The component master plan would mean that 6,000 new residents could move to Kaitaa and Iivisniemi in addition to the existing population of about 3,500, and approximately 1,100 new jobs would also be created.

In order to increase the number of homes and jobs, the plan includes new residential areas, more density in the existing areas with mainly one-family houses, as well as a more efficient and urban-like structure.

The component master plan is a review of the master plan for the southern parts of Espoo. The aim is to increase residential buildings in the vicinity of the metro line and the metro station as well as to develop the areas surrounding the metro station and the Iivisniemi shopping centre so that it can become a densely built centre with a variety of services.

The plan will also make it possible to turn the area into a sustainable urban local centre with easy and safe connections for pedestrians and cyclists. The component master plan will also allow the construction of new premises for residential, administrative, office, service, education and retail purposes on the north side of Kaitaantie so that the facilities will fit in the landscape and operations of the central area.

The planned residential areas will mainly be located within about 500 metres from the metro station. The existing areas of one-family houses are located only about a kilometre from the future station, so the plan will also allow for their more efficient construction.

There is also a pending component master plan for the Kaitaa metro station area, which aims to allow the construction of new residential buildings in the vicinity of the metro station as well as to improve the services in the local centre.

New nurseries and recreational services close to nature

The plan also covers the current school and upper secondary school in Kaitaa as well as the Iivisniemi school with its sports facilities. The existing area reservations for schools will allow the construction of school buildings required for the growing population and the construction of another two nurseries.

There are extensive and varied recreational areas such as Hannusmetsä, Kaitaanlaakso, the seashore with its promenade and Rullavuori. It is possible to construct buildings suitable for the cultural landscape of Villa Rulludd, which would serve as part of the recreational facilities and services to be developed along the promenade. Kaitaanlaakso will be developed as a park that offers activities, and there will be improvements on the routes through it, especially the Länsibaana cycling route, which is part of the regional cycling route network.

The component master plan also safeguards recreational opportunities in the nearby environment as areas of natural beauty, such as the Hannusmetsä forest, will have areas left unbuilt. Green areas in Kaitaa and Iivisniemi, such as the nearby forests and the seaside promenade, will be easily accessible to all Espoo residents, and the objective of the component master plan is to further develop recreational facilities such as hiking trails and beaches in the area.

More Information:

Head of Master Plan Essi Leino, City of Espoo, tel. + 358 46 877 1911
Architect Anu Ylitalo, City of Espoo, tel. +358 43 825 4410

Agenda 14 March 2018

Kaitaa - Iivisniemi, master plan map