Central Election Committee

The Central Election Committee serves both municipal and national elections.

The municipality’s Central Election Committee is a statutory municipal committee with a term of four years. The committee convenes at times prescribed in the Election Act and, at other times, by invitation of the chairperson.

In national elections, the duties of the Central Election Committee include the following:

  • communications regarding the election (announcements)
  • training other election authorities of the municipality
  • distributing election materials and providing fixtures for the voting locations
  • implementing the election information system
  • preparing the advance voting
  • handling the preparations for voting at home or at institutions
  • handling the voting preparations on election day
  • receiving the electoral registers and distributing them to the election committees
  • checking the advance voting documents
  • announcing the preliminary counting of votes

In municipal elections, the Central Election Committee also handles the following:

  • receiving and checking candidate applications and consolidating the lists of candidates
  • checking the counting of all votes and issuing pertaining communications
  • confirming and publishing the election result

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