Council Advisory Committee

The Council Advisory Committee handles topical matters to be decided upon by the City Council and addresses upcoming significant projects. The Council Advisory Committee consists of the chairpersons of City Council groups. The chairpersons of the City Council and Board and the Mayor and leaders of the various sectors attend the meetings.  The Council Advisory Committee convenes at 4 pm on the Monday preceding the City Council meeting and at 4 pm on the days on which the City Council meets.

Contact: City Council Secretary Majuri Jouni tel. +358 50 526 2173, or

Composition of the Council Advisory Committee

Gestrin Christina, Swedish People’s Party of Finland


Uotila Kari, Left Alliance
Hertell Sirpa, Green League
Sistonen Markku, Social Democratic Party
Vuornos Henrik, National Coalition Party  
Rossi Yrjö, Centre Party 
Lahtinen Teemu, Finns Party
Kilpi Jukka, Blue reform 
Laukkanen Antero, Christian Democrats of Finland
Kähärä Juhani, Liberal party

Entitled to attend meetings

Chairperson of the Council Mykkänen Kai, National Coalition Party
1st Deputy of the Council Sistonen Markku, Social Democratic Party
2nd Deputy of the Council Hopsu Inka, Green League
3nd Deputy of the Council Karimäki Johanna, Green League

Chairperson of the City Board Markkula Markku, National Coalition Party
1st Deputy of the City Board Partanen Henna, Green League
2nd Deputy of the City Board Guzenina Maria, Social Democratic Party
Mayor Mäkelä Jukka
Director of Social and Health Services Svahn Sanna
Director of Education and Cultural Services Rinta-aho Harri
Director of Technical Services Isotalo Olli
Finance Director Konttas Ari
Communications Director Pajakoski Johanna
Director for Administration and Development Syrjänen Markus