Premises and Housing Subcommittee

The duties of the Premises and Housing Subcommittee include strategic facility management and making decisions on housing policy matters, along with approving project plans for small-scale residential construction projects. The subcommittee also acts as the executive board of the Premises Department public utility. The subcommittee started operations in early 2013.

Duties and authority of the Premises and Housing Subcommittee

The Premises and Housing Subcommittee

  1. makes decisions on the principles of facility acquisition and use
  2. makes decisions on the operating principles of service organisation and implementation so that they promote the well-being of municipal residents and sustainable development
  3. makes proposals on facility projects for the City’s financial plan
  4. approves project plans for residential construction projects where the scope of the new construction project does not exceed 2,500 floor-m² or the scope of the old premises requiring renovations does not exceed 5,000 floor-m², unless the project has other significance with regard to its costs, intended use or associated cultural and historical value
  5. makes decisions on housing policy matters in accordance with the principles decided by the City Board
  6. issues statements on loan applications regarding housing construction and fundamental improvement and their mutual order of precedence.

The Premises and Housing Subcommittee functions as the executive board of the Premises Department public utility.

In its area of responsibility, the executive board of the Premises Department

  1. steers and monitors activities in accordance with decisions of the City Council and City Board
  2. monitors the results of activities and budget performance and promotes productivity and effectiveness
  3. makes decisions on procurement principles regarding service organisation and implementation in accordance with the Espoo strategy
  4. issues the City’s statements on behalf of the City Board unless required otherwise due to the request for statement or the nature of the matter
  5. makes decisions on operational development within the limits of the operative and financial targets set by the City Board, monitors the achievement of the targets and reports on it
  6. acquires, transfers and administers facilities and their property management and makes decisions on renovations and annual maintenance
  7. handles administrative matters related to housing and property associations as the shareholder representative
  8. approves the financial plan and annual report of public utilities
  9. Espoo City Board Ordinance 1.4 6 (10)
  10. Espoo City Group Administration, December 12
  11. makes decisions on investments covered with internal financing and other expenses with long-term effects. Decisions on any investments exceeding the above are made by the City Board with the City’s financial plan;
  12. 10. makes decisions on the purchase of buildings and equipment located in master plan and town plan areas for prices exceeding €1,000,000
  13. makes decisions on the lease of buildings and flats for times exceeding 10 years
  14. makes decisions on the transfer of facilities to users
  15. represents the municipality and uses its voice in the area of responsibility of public utilities.

Meeting secretary, extract from the minutes, appeal procedure

Meeting secretary of the Premises and Housing Subcommittee of the City Board:

Risto Pirkanniemi
tel. +358 50 340 1743

Appeals may be submitted.

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