City Board approves the space requirement study for Espoo House

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2020-02-14 12:46

The old office centre of the city will be transformed into a modern and comfortable residential and working area. An important part of renewing Espoon keskus is Espoo House, where residents will have comprehensive services in addition to other facilities. The project took a step forward when the City Board decided to approve the space requirement study for the Espoo House at its meeting on February 10. 

Espoo House

‘Espoo House will become a multifunctional building serving the city’s residents, with an easy-to-access service centre. The building is also planned to include facilities for decision-making and cooperation with residents, as well as work spaces for City staff. Space will also be allocated for culture and commercial services,’ says Olli Isotalo, Head of Espoo Technical and Environment Services.

By combining resident services, decision-making and city administration into the same premises, the aim is to pursue smoother interaction between trustees, residents and City officials.

Design competition to seek the best solution 

Espoo House is planned for Kirkkojärventie in place of the current office buildings. According to the current schedule, the construction would begin in 2023 and the building would be put to use in 2026. The planned size of the building is approximately 36,000 square metres, of which the City needs approximately 27,000 square metres.

As the next step, a design competition is being prepared for Espoo House to find a cost-effective solution that best fits the cityscape. The costs and financing model of the project will be specified later. At this stage, the cost of the building is estimated at about 85 million euros. The project plan will be presented to the City Council for approval in due course.

Espoon keskus is the evolving heart of the city 

Illustration of the interior of Espoo House.

Espoon keskus combines excellent transport connections, diverse and evolving services and multiculturalism. The revitalisation of the office centre is one of the main objectives of the development of Espoon keskus. As a result of these reforms, the housing construction opportunities in the area will also increase significantly as plots around the station are made available. For example, the former office area can be converted to a residential area with homes for about 1,200 residents. In addition to this, some 1,000 new residents will move into the new residential area of Suviniitty in the next few years.

Illustrations: Architects Anttila & Rusanen.