Vocational education and universities

Vocational education in Espoo is arranged by Omnia, a joint authority of education in the Espoo region, on behalf of its member municipalities Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi. Omnia offers:

  • vocational training from basic to special qualifications and tailor made courses
  • apprenticeship training and youth workshops
  • lifelong learning paths for adults
  • high school studies for the matriculation certificate and for general education
  • professional development programmes
  • building competence in ict-integration including mobile technology
  • development and coordination of international capacity building projects
  • mobility and development projects with international partners

In Omnia, you can choose from 22 different vocational qualifications in the fields of culture, natural sciences, tourism, catering and economics, social and health care, sports, technology and transport, social sciences, business and administration. Vocational qualifications in social and health care and business and administration are offered also in English. In addition, Espoo hosts a private vocational school of watchmaking called Kelloseppäkoulu.

More information about education in Omnia at www.omnia.fi.

Adult education

Several institutes in Espoo offer adult education. These include Työväenopisto (Espoo Adult Education Centre) and Omnian aikuisopisto (International Omnia). Adult education can be preparatory, ancillary or supplementary education according to the learner's study goals and life situation.

Further information about adult education at www.studyinfo.fi.

Higher and university education

After receiving a vocational upper secondary qualification or a matriculation examination certificate, you may wish to continue in higher or university education. Already during your upper secondary education, you can complete a number of courses at higher education institutes on the basis of cooperation agreements.

There are many higher education institutes in Espoo, including the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, the Open University of the Espoo Adult Education Centre as well as the Aalto University.