Questions and answers about snack bags and school meals in this exceptional situation

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2020-03-27 16:12

Here are the basics of school meals during COVID19 situation. 

Who gets lunch packages?

The lunch packages are meant for preschool children, comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school students. Please register in Wilma in advance.

Please notice that distribution of lunch packages to upper secondary school students will continue until the end of the semester, but the pupils in pre-primary and basic education got their last packages on 6 May.


Can I pick up a lunch package for my child? Can my child’s sibling pick it up?

The pupil/student or their family member (guardian or sibling) can come to pick up a lunch package. At the pick-up location, you need to tell us whose lunch package you are picking up.

Can I change the pick-up location?

Yes you can. You can change the pick-up location in Wilma for each week.

I did not sign up for a lunch package in time. How can I sign up for next week?

You need to sign up for the following week before 8:00 in the morning on the Wednesday of the previous week. For example, to pick up snack bags starting from Wednesday, 29  April, you will need to sign up between 14:00 on Friday 17 March and 8:00 on Wednesday 22 April.  

Do I need to sign up again every week?

Your registration will stay active until further notice. If your child will not need a lunch package the following week, please remember to cancel your registration by the Wednesday of the previous week by using the same Wilma form. Upper secondary school students should independently sign up for their own lunch package or cancel them.

Why are special diets not available as lunch packages?

The weekly lunch package is planned for one child and it contains ready, heatable meals for the week´s school days, milk, vegetables and/or fruit, crisp bread and margarine for one week. The contents of the package will vary from week to week. Two alternative lunch packages will be offered:  mixed diet and vegetarian alternatives.  All lunch packages are lactose free.  

How do you ensure that the lunch packages are handed out safely? How are they handed out?

In many ways. A pupil or a guardian can only pick up a lunch package if they are in full health.

To prevent a large number of students from coming together, the schools will hand out the lunch packages at a separately agreed location. From Wednesday 13th of May onwards, the packages will be shared on Wednesdays 13:30-14:30 o´clock. This lunch package distribution is only for the students in upper secondary schools because they continue studying remote.

The person who is handing out packages will ask for the pupil’s name and check that it is on the sign-up list. We will also guide people at the hand-out location to make sure it will be safe and not crowded.

The lunch package pick-up hours do not suit me. Can I come earlier?

If you cannot pick up your lunch package yourself, please ask a family member to do it.

Why can I not sign up for snack bags on behalf of my child who is an upper secondary school student?

Upper secondary school students should independently sign up through Wilma. They should sign up for their own snack bags, just like they take care of their course registration, too. In addition, some upper secondary school pupils are 18 or older, which means that their guardians do not have the right to use Wilma on their behalf.

Are lunch bags also available to the pupils who attend contact teaching at school?

Pupils who take part in contact teaching will be served lunch at school as usual. They will not get lunch packages.

Not all parents read Wilma messages. How will they be informed?

Wilma is the primary communication channel between the home and school. Every guardian should use Wilma and read Wilma messages. If there is a special reason why a guardian cannot use Wilma, such as language skills, the guardian can tell the school secretary of the child’s school that the child needs a snack bag.

Information about the snack bags has been sent not only to schools but also Social and Health Services and School and Student Health Services. If there is reason to suspect that some families have not heard about the snack bags, the school can contact them directly. Social and Health Services and School and Student Health Services can also help families who need help.

We are also publishing information in different languages.