Pupil intake principles for pre-primary education

The Finnish Child Care and Education Committee has decided (17 November 2011, paragraph 155) that the following admission selection criteria be followed in pre-primary education:

1. First, pre-primary education places are allocated to those children who have a need for intensive or special support or who have other special reasons with a direct impact on the organising of pre-primary education. The need for intensive and special support means the need for support measures that have been proven necessary according to expert opinions. Other special reasons refer to matters which have a direct impact on the allocation of the pre-primary education place and for which an expert opinion has been issued, as well as the need for instruction preparing for basic education related to supportive learning of the Finnish language.

2. Next, where possible, pre-primary education places are allocated in the pre-primary education group of the child’s current day-care centre or one organised on the school premises.

2.1. For these, pre-primary education places are first allocated to those children whose sister or brother attends a local day-care centre or school.

Children enrolling for pre-primary education have the right to a pre-primary education place at
a) a day-care centre in their own service area, if their sister or brother has, at the moment of making the decision, a valid care relationship with the pre-primary education day-care centre continuing in the coming pre-primary education year, or
b) a local school determined by the city, if their sister or brother will be attending this school in the coming school year.
Parents may decide whether or not to exercise this right and whether to exercise it in accordance with a) or b) above, if the child is entitled to both.

2.2. Next, pre-primary education places are allocated to other children so that, taking all children into consideration, the distance to pre-primary education is as short and the route as safe as possible. The safety of the route is assessed on the assumption that parents take their children to pre-primary education.

In addition, in allocating pre-primary education places, the child’s need for early childhood education, the parents’ wishes and a continuous educational pathway are taken into account where possible.

The policy entered into force when pre-primary education pupils were selected for the 2012–2013 school year and is still in force.