Enrolment and decision-making

Enrolment to pre-primary education is open.

Applications sent in during the registration period will be processed first. If you submit an application before or after the registration period (for the school year 2020-2021), it will only be processed after those that were sent during the registration period.

When registered, you must identify youself with your online banking ID or mobile certificate. Decisions will come as a Suomi.fi message if you have enabled hte service before submitting your application. You can enable Suomi.fi messages here: Suomi.fi messages . If you do not have Suomi.fi messages in place, decisions will be made by post.

The registration form only works with the latest browsers, like Chrome or Safari. The registration form does not work with Internet Explorer.

The finnish pre-primary education starts on 13 August 2020. The registration period for pre-primary education for the school year 2020-2021 is 8-20 January 2020. Please register using the electronic pre-primary education application form . You can use the same form to apply for early childhood education in addition to pre-primary education.

Pre- primary education units 2020-2021

Early childhood education connected to pre-primary education

Pre-primary education units and schools offer early childhood education in the morning before the start of pre-primary education and in the afternoon after pre-primary education. The early childhood education is subject to a charge. Early childhood education connected to pre-primary education is applied for using the same application form as for the pre-primary education place. Exceptions to this are some of the pre-primary education places offered by outsourced and private early childhood education units.

Early childhood education connected to pre-primary education can be applied for using the pre-primary education application form, and it can begin before the beginning of the pre-primary education, on 1 August of the current year at the earliest. However, early childhood education connected to pre-primary education organised at schools can only be applied for starting from the beginning of the pre-primary education. In this case, the child may continue at the old early childhood education unit until the beginning of the pre-primary education.

Link to pre-primary enrollment: Enrollment to pre-primary education

Application for the current term and after the application period

If you need a pre-primary education place for your child after the beginning of the operational term or after the end of the application period, please complete the pre-primary education application form on the Early childhood education and Pre-primary education page.

If the child’s place of residence or a parent/guardian’s work or study situation changes or there is another special reason, it is possible to apply for pre-primary education after the end of the application period. Section 23a of the Basic Education Decree (30 March 2000/326).