Work and holiday times

Work and holiday times of pre-primary education in 2021–2022

The following work and holiday times are followed in pre-primary education provided by Early Childhood Education

Autumn term: 11 August to 22 December 2021
Autumn holiday: 18 October to 22 October 2021
Christmas holiday: 23 December 2021 to 9 January 2022
Spring term: 10 January to 3 June 2022
Winter holiday: 21 February to 25 February 2022

The responsibility for children’s attendance in pre-primary education lies with their parents/guardians. The parents/guardians are also responsible for ensuring that the objectives set for pre-primary education are met during absences. Absences shorter than two weeks shall be reported to the pre-primary teacher in writing by the parents/guardians. Absences longer than two weeks shall be agreed with the day-care centre director.