Preparatory education for pre-primary-aged children

The following children may enrol for preparatory education for six-year-olds: children with an immigrant background, Finnish returnee children, children of bilingual families (not Finnish/Swedish) and adopted children who need support in the Finnish language before the beginning of basic education.

Preparatory education for six-year-olds is provided in municipal, Finnish pre-primary education groups.  In addition to the pre-primary teacher, the children may be taught by an early childhood education language and culture teacher, who is specialised in multiculturalism and supports the children’s linguistic, cognitive and social skills and multicultural identity.

Enrolment for preparatory education for six-year-olds takes place in connection with enrolment for other pre-primary education. Instructions for completing the form

Native language instruction for immigrants and supporting instruction in a foreign language learned abroad

Immigrant pupils, Finnish returnee pupils, children of bilingual families and adopted children in pre-primary education can enrol for native language instruction for immigrants using the “Native language instruction for immigrants/supporting instruction in a foreign language” form, which is available from the day-care centres or online. The return address is provided on the enrolment form. The aim is to organise instruction if a sufficient number of six-year-old pupils enrol for the same language.

More information: Education of language and cultural groups

Further information: Finnish Education Unit, tel. 09 816 52024