Penkkarit and Seniors' Ball in Espoo

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2020-01-31 9:03

'Penkkarit' on 13 February

The traditional "penkkarit"  is the day when the final-year students of each upper secondary school celebrate their last day in the classroom before the matriculation examinations.

Truckloads of students drive through the streest of the city in costumes and throw candy as they celebrate 'release from the school benches'.

In Espoo the trucks will gather at the parking area of the Tapiola Sports Park (Urheilupuiston tie 2) and the convoy will set forth at 11.00 am.

The route of the trucks:

Urheilupuistontie – Koivumankkaantie (truck turns to the right) – Mankkaanlaaksontie –Ylismäentie- Uuskartanontie –Ruomelantie –Olarinkatu (to the left) – Kuunkatu - Friisinkalliontie (to the left) – Kuitinmäentie (to the right)– Kalastajantie – Tiistilänkaari – Tiistiläntie (to the left)– Matinkatu – Matinkartanontie – Hauenkalliontie –  Haukilahdenranta - Haukilahdenkatu (to the left) – Länsiväylä (crossing over) – Merituulentie (to the right)– Koivumankkaantie - Urheilupuistontie

Everyone is welcome to follow the students' trucks along the route!

The route 2020

Tekstissä kerrottu penkkariautojen reitti karttaan merkattuna.

Seniors' Ball Friday 14 February

The final year students have now left the school premises and it is time for the second-year students to celebrate their first day as the eldest on Friday 14 February. In many of the upper secondary schools in Espoo dance shows meant for the seniors' parents are arranged already on Thursday evening.