Get to know Espoo as a Learning City - read the new brochure

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2018-03-09 11:10

A new Learning City Espoo brochure has been published. Brochure tells about Espoo as a learning city, presents actors which participate in building it and introduces innovations and best practices. The brochure also describes what a learning city is and Espoo’s journey into becoming such a city.

United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization UNESCO rewarded the City of Espoo as a pioneer and enabler of lifelong learning in September 2015. A learning city recognizes the significance of learning as a foundation of wellbeing of the city and all its residents. A learning city is built on innovations which are created and implemented in co-operation with different partners. That is why the aim is promoted together with citizens, educational organizations, enterprises, associations and communities. 

The Learning City Espoo brochure is available also in an electronic form.