Learning City Espoo

Espoo is currently running several projects concerning the development of learning and education. The projects share the vision about a learning city, competent Espoo residents and life-long learning. The development projects are grounded in the Espoo Story and guide the implementation of the city's vision for learning and individual development.

The Learning City Espoo brochure tells you about Espoo as a learning city.

In the Espoo Local Development Plan for Education 2020 policy definitions, the municipality's own educational development needs connect with national development policies. In the Local Development Plan, Espoo commits to observing the principals of life-long learning agreed together by the UNESCO Learning Cities network, so that Espoo residents will grow to carry out ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainable development in their daily lives.

Espoo Education and Cultural Services develop education with the following goals:

1. Competent Espoo resident
Competent and creative residents with a learning spirit can function in an unknown future

2. Uninterrupted learning paths
Consistent learning paths for all learners to follow throughout their various life stages in harmony with the environment

3. Responsible leadership
Responsible leadership involving individual and shared responsibility for the realisation of common goals.

The schools' new curriculums have been prepared and came info effect on 1 August 2016.

The development projects are run in cooperation with several actors, Espo residents, educational organizations, companies and communities.

In Espoo, learning opportunities in English are provided from early to higher education. The city aims at broadening its English-language education offerings in the future.