The Global Communications course introduces upper secondary school students to the world of international relations and diplomacy

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2019-11-11 12:42

This autumn, students from Espoo’s upper secondary schools have familiarised themselves with international communications on the Global Communications course. The students have, for example, visited the United States Embassy in Helsinki and the gaming company Supercell and heard top experts’ fascinating presentations about intercultural communication and the transformation of diplomacy.

“Today, cultural and other international skills are an essential everyday skill for young people and will only become more important in the future as Espoo diversifies and the world changes. The Global Communications course gives them an understanding and knowledge of international matters,” says Senior Planning Officer Annika Forstén from the City of Espoo Education and Cultural Services.

During the course, the students have also familiarised themselves with the City of Espoo and developed their presentation skills. As their final project, the students will prepare presentations about Espoo for international visitors. The young Espoo ambassadors will be available to the city’s units in late 2019 and early 2020.

“The young Espoo ambassadors will add their valuable perspective on their home city to meetings with international visitors. They are able to express the city’s core messages about sustainable development and inclusion, for example, in a fresh way,” says Communications Specialist Maija Ruoho from the Finnish Education Unit.

Would you be interested in having a young person introduce the city to your guests? The City of Espoo units can book students who took part in the course by contacting Senior Planning Officer Annika Forstén ( or Communications Specialist Maija Ruoho (