Curriculum and distribution of lesson hours

Curriculum for general upper secondary education

The National Board of Education prepares the national core curriculum for general upper secondary education. The core curriculum is an ordinance, which obligates the education provider to include the central goals and contents of instruction into the municipal or school-specific curriculum.

The new curriculum of Espoo general upper secondary education (in Finnish) came into effect on August 1st 2016 with students beginning their first upper secondary grade, and will be introduced one grade at a time.

Distribution of lesson hours in general upper secondary education

The new national goals and distribution on lesson hours in general upper secondary education (ie. how the decreed total number of lesson hours is divided between different subjects, subject groups and guidance councelling) will be decided by a decree of the Finnish government.

The new distribution of lesson hours (in Finnish) took effect on August 1st 2016. It applies to all students who begin their general upper secondary studies after the date. Students who have begun their studies earlier study according to the old distribution of lesson hours (in Finnish).