Shared course offerings

Courses from the shared course offerings are meant for all general upper secondary students in Espoo. You can choose courses from all schools regardless of which school you study in.

Enrolling in the courses

Enrollment in the courses is done through Wilma. The front page of Wilma will show all course platters in which one can enroll at the moment. The course platters are named according to the school's name, the school-year and the study period, e.g. "2019–2020, Kaitaa general upper secondary school, 1. period”.

Students without the Espoo Wilma-username are asked to contact the guidance councellor of one's own school. Contact information are found from each school's website.

Own religion/ethics studies and mother tongue courses

Enrollment in own religion/ethics studies and mother tongue instruction supplementary to general upper secondary education takes place through Wilma.

Own religion instruction is offered in the following subjects (course platter in Wilma (in Finnish): 'Oman uskonnon opetus')

  • Evangelical-Lutheran religion
  • Islam
  • Jewish religion 
  • Catholicism
  • Orthodox religion

Own mother tongue instruction is offered in the following languages (course platter in Wilma (in Finnish): 'Oman äidinkielen lukiokurssit')

  • Albanian
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Persion (Farsi/Dari)
  • Kurdi
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Somali
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Estonian

In case you mother tongue is not present in the list but you are interested in the possibility of participating, please contact Education Planner Sheena Kopsala at

Courses from Espoo adult education centre included in the studies

Certain courses from the Espoo adult education centre will be accedited to the students of Espoo general upper secondary schools (see the attachment).

The Espoo adult education centre aims at offering meaningfull and useful opportunities that ordinary schools do not arrange on their own. The courses do not replace compulsory courses but are applicable for those interested in them.

Learn more about the courses at The site provides more accurate information about the contents, facilities, teachers and course fees. You find a course easily by the course number (E-rooted number series, e.g. E162617). Even if the course is full, you can enroll in the queue. Cancellations are likely. More information is found also from the Espoo adult education centre's website