Viherlaakson lukio

Viherlaakso general upper secondary school offers versatile all-round education. We have a broad course selection. In addition, the school hosts a separate art programme.

Viherlaakso is the oldest Upper Secondary School founded in Espoo but still modern, innovative and young in terms of spirit and pedagogy and methods of teaching. There are about 360 students studying in Viherlaakso at the moment but the School is growing fast during the next few years. Viheri, as we call our school, is the fifth largest Upper Secondary School in Espoo. In Finland there are proximately four hundred Upper Secondary schools all together and comparing with them Viherlaakso is a quit big School. In Scale of Schools in China that is a different story.

In Finland the Upper secondary school syllabus includes at least 75 courses. One course lasts seven weeks and each week includes three 75 minutes lessons. Courses are offered in three different types: compulsory courses, advanced courses and school-based applied courses. The students have to study 47-52 compulsory courses depending on the number of languages ​​in their syllabus and the level of math they are studying.

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