Pohjois-Tapiolan lukio

Olarin lukio and Pohjois-Tapiolan lukio are merged as of August 2019. The name of the new general upper secondary school is Otaniemen lukio.

Pohjois-Tapiola general upper secondary school offers high-quality all-round education.

Our course selection is versatile. Mathematics courses are weighted in the selection and the inter-disciplinary science course acquaints students with the world of science. In addition, we arrange courses for matriculation ecamination candidates in nearly all subjects. Our learning results are good. The students succeed well in admissions to further studies. 

As part of the international activities, Pohjois-Tapiola participates in a physics students' CERN-project in Geneve, has an EuroMedScola in Strasbourg, a friendship school in Malawi as well as bilateral school collaboration.

Theatre and media programme

The theatre and media programme is an opportunity to develope one's expression and communication skills. During the programme, a student completes at least ten expression and media courses. The selection includes versatile options from both theatre and different sectors of media studies. Meadi education is present also in other subjects.

Each year, 25 students are chosen to the programme based on their basic education certificate and recommendations/statement. The application forms can be requested from the school's guidance councellor, the school office and they are found at the school's webpage.