Espoo general upper secondary schools

Espoo has 10 Finnish-speaking day-time general upper secondary schools. All of them offer the general line/programme. In addition, the schools have different weighed-curriculum options, lines and educational specialisation tasks.

Weighted-curriculum studies

In general upper secondary education, weighted curriculums refer to the amount of specialisation and applied studies courses. No admission criteria is set, contrary to lines and schools with educational specialisation tasks. The general upper secondary schools in Espoo have the following weighted curriculums:

  • Espoonlahden lukio: language-weighted curriculum
  • Kuninkaantien lukio: ict- and media-weighted curriculum
  • Etelä-Tapiolan lukio: economy- and social studies-weighted curriculum


Students are chosen according to specific admission criteria to the lines/programmes of general upper secondary education. The admission criteria is found from each school's website. When applying to the lines, a different joint application code is used than to other studies in the school. Espoo general upper secondary schools have the following lines:

  • Haukilahti general upper secondary school: sports line
  • Kaitaa general upper secondary school: pictorial arts line
  • Leppävaara general upper secondary school: sports line
  • Otaniemi general upper secondary school: theatre and media line
  • Viherlaakso general upper secondary school: art line

Specialised schools

The Ministry of Education and Culture has assigned an educational specialisation task to some general upper secondary schools. In these schools, students can leave out some of the national obligatory couses and replace them with studies from the school's field of specialisation. Specific admission criteria is used. Applying to the specialised schools' special lines takes place through the joint application, but as a separate option from other studies in the school. More information is found from each school's website. Espoo has the following specialised schools:

  • Tapiola general upper secondary school of music 
  • Otaniemi general upper secondary school of mathematics and natural science (luonnontiede)


In IB-schools (International Baccalaureate), instruction is provided on a two-year IB-line, preceeded by a one-year preparatory grade. IB-instruction is given partly in English already in the preparatory grade. In the second and third year, the language of instruction is English (excluding mother tongue/Finnish and foreign languages). The IB-certificate gives the same eligibility for further studies as does the Finnish matriculation examination.

  • Mattlidens gymnasium, International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Etelä-Tapiola general upper secondary school, International Baccalaureate (IB)

More information about course offerings

The obligatory and national courses are the same in every general upper secondary school. The school's own spesialisation and applied studies courses may vary. We encourage you to get acquainted with the different options offered by our schools. More information about studying in general upper secondary school and the course offerings are found from each school's website.

More information and each school's presentation is found also from the brochure 'Ammatilliset oppilaitokset ja lukiot' (in Finnish) at Brochures and publications.