Congratulations to spring 2021 upper secondary school graduates!

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2021-06-03 13:40

Espoo’s general upper secondary schools ranked high in school comparison

This spring, a total of 1,488 students are graduating from Espoo’s general upper secondary schools. The number of graduates increased by 215 from the spring of 2020.

At the national level, Espoo’s schools performed excellently in the matriculation examination. This spring, three Espoo schools ranked among the top 20 general upper secondary schools based on their average results. Etelä-Tapiolan lukio, colloquially known as Etis, took first place while Kuninkaantien lukio was 12th and Tapiolan lukio was 13th in the rankings. Mattlidens gymnasium ranked 11th among Swedish-speaking schools.

Exceptional arrangements have been made to organise matriculation examinations during the coronavirus pandemic. Tapio Erma, Executive Superintendent of Upper Secondary and Adult Education, says that all schools deserve praise for their efforts.

 Thanks to good preparations and special arrangements, our schools were able to organise the exams without any major challenges. If a student was unable to take a test, they can take it in the autumn. The staff of our schools and the city did an excellent job with preparatory arrangements.

Schools will organise graduation ceremonies for their students, but friends and families cannot participate due to the coronavirus restrictions. However, they can watch the events at home thanks to live streaming.

According to Tapio Erma, this spring’s graduates should be very proud of themselves for their hard work during the challenging year. They have definitely earned their graduation caps and celebrations.

 Graduation is always an important step for a young person. Although this spring’s celebrations will be small events without an audience, we can and should all congratulate the graduates. I would like to congratulate each and every graduate from the bottom of my heart!

The number of students graduating from Espoo’s general upper secondary schools

Espoon yhteislyseon lukio 77
Espoonlahden lukio 156
Etelä-Tapiolan lukio 128
Haukilahden lukio 105
Kaitaan lukio 105
Kuninkaantien lukio 171
Leppävaaran lukio 92
Otaniemen lukio 263
Tapiolan lukio 137
Viherlaakson lukio 131
Mattlidens gymnasium 123